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So confused by the sign about no bicycle parking
Celebrating a week of teaching design thinking in Dubai with my Stanford colleagues at the top of the worlds largest skyscraper in the At.mosphere lounge. Definition of an amazing experience.
A successful evening in my hotel room.
White sheets ready for stickies.
Best death font ever.
Just kicked off coaching with Diana Labs!
#pantsuitnation at Sliced Bread
Check out this typography.
Typical mid nineteenth century gold rush tombstone design. Notice the symbol at the top... it's on all the gravestones here in Columbia.
Prototyping students at work.
Teaching at Stanford today, Project Innovation through Design Thinking and my students are on fire!
Is this the winning design?
Just another day at our disco office analyzing a journey map.
This experience for stove repair is nuts. The instructions are crazy, repetitive and the new part (on the right) had a red center contrary to what they say. What's a user to do?
We love to see our design of Chargepoint's EV charging station out in the world!

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